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Bass station melbourne, victoria, australia facebook. Novation bass station 2 sound to me, it is an outrage that the novation bass station 2 has remained a sleeper hit. Tracktion capture 44 years of analog monosynths in two lofreq. Bass station, bass station plugin, buy bass station, download. You can launch this free pc program on windows xpvista7810 32bit. Bass station iis patternbased arpeggiator and step sequencer are a fun and immediate way to find new inspiration. If i didnt already have the 101, id pick one up in a heart beat. Tracktion capture 44 years of analog monosynths in two.

Angling 101 the ultimate bass fishing resource guide llc. I got a novation bass station to control my sh 101 via cv io. Novation bass station vsti serial number, novation bass station vsti all version keygen, novation bass station vsti activation key, crack may give false results or no results in search terms. However in the 90s the synth became popular again it was used by artists such as boards of canada, autechre, luke vibert or the chemical brothers. Based on analog circuit behavior acb technology, it not only reproduces the sh 101 s.

The sh101 from roland is a monophonic synthesizer that was originally released in the early 1980s. However, the original patch remains in its correct. Presets for novation bass station ii alba ecstasy official. I am often approached at boat and tackle shows or fishing seminars by both adults and young people wanting to know how to get started in fishing. Novation launched the original bass station in 1993 and it became an instant favourite. The first time i saw someone create that trademark unstable sh 101 sound, i was surprised to find they were actually modulating pitch with a slow lfo. It is a monophonic analog bass synthesizer and was basically one of the first new analog synths to hit the music market since the 1980s.

The sh 101 plugout software synthesizer is a complete reproduction of the iconic sh 101 right down to the fine details and odd quirks that make it one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time. I wanted to get a midicv convertor and i saw i can use the super bass station as one. And its not surprising it has a killer sound that fits really well with many modern music styles. What i particularly like about the bass station 2 other than the sound is how convincing it is in creating 80s retro songs that i listened to as a kid.

Its sound lies somewhere between the tb303 and a juno bass sound. The roland sh 101 is a timeless analog monosynth that never seems to go out of fashion. Novation bass station 2 sequence roland sh 101 sequence synchronized with doepfer mcv 1 moog voyager moog little phatty dsi prophet 08 dsi evolver sequence jomox airbase 99 drum roland mc 50 mk. Id go with the bass station, or if you wanted something with a good sequencer id go with the new monologue. In this video, uk synthesist rob puricelli failed muso compares the sound of a vintage roland sh 101 synthesizer with a modern clone, the behringer ms 101. Vstorrent torrent source for free download quality software. Bass station ii first listen by novation novation music. I tested them side by side and the bs2 surprised me being that close. Bass station classic pulse bass station resonant square blipper sh 101 carnivore bass classic 303 reso saw clean fender full range brite clean fender full range rock cut through the darkness deans harmonic destiny 1 deans harmonic destiny 2 deep punch moog electro modular 1 electro modular 2 electroshock downbeater evolving power growl. Top 5 free emulations of famous synths minimoog, dx7. Bass station 2 can easily be considered to be a modern sh101 imho. Novation bass station ll analog synthesizer keyboard, 25key.

Seems to me that the second bass station is better competition for their old rival roland sh 101, then the previous one. Novation bass station 2 bass station synthesisers gak. The sequencer is simple and clearly inspired in the sh 101. Youve got all your favourites, the sem, cs30, arp, ms20, sh 2, sh 101, tb303 but then some more unusual ones start to creep in like the realistic mg1, cmu810, doepfer ms404 and novation bass station ii. The sequencer lets you record your own notes, ties, rests and rhythms in real time, then store them, recall them and use them with any patch you like. Bass station ii is an analog monosynth with a talent for bass, but a soundengine that is versatile enough to kick out sharp leads and crisp arpeggios. The patches cover a huge sonic range from screaming leads to phatt funky basses. Small, light and portable, theres no mistaking the bass station 2s heritage, but. I played on one of these not too long ago and the sound and functionality was very reminiscence of the 101. Get a bass station 2 instead and have a real synth that sounds great, instead of a clone of a old design that wasnt that great to begin with.

As the owner of an actual sh 101 and a bass station 2, ill share a bit of perspective. Plus you get a sh 101 style seq and you can save the patterns. The sequencer with motion tracking is cooler than the bsii sequencer. The bs2 can come closer to sounding like the sh than the sh can to sounding like the bs. We based it on our classic bass station, then enhanced every. They are very close soundwise in some ways and different in others.

Now a classic, its iconic sound is available as a software plugin, carefully modelled to faithfully recreate the sounds of a monophonic, dualoscillator analogue synthesiser. Now in 20 novation brings the bass station ii to us with its analog roots still very intact, encouraging a deeper experience with the integrated digital controls and features. Its balanced, seems well laid out, very intuitive, i personally like the adsr envelopes with faders instead of knobs, specially for a synthesizer with this characteristics. But its that instability that gives the 101 its character. You can control the vcf, pitch, lfo or all from the pitch bender. According to to roland, the new virtual analog emulates the original right down to the fine details and odd quirks that make it. Any bass station and 101 tips and tricks would be great. Why no roland sh101 in modular format muff wiggler. And i dont really know why because for all the people crying out for a modern sh 101. Ok, silly title i know but i am genuinely surprised. I have owned a bass station 2 and i have tried the bass station 2 and a sh 101 side by side.

It produces the raw sound you know from analogue devices without any effects. Mar 21, 2015 hello, i bought a novation bass station 2 and i am trying to get it set up into ableton live 9. The original bass station was released by a nascent novation in 1993, and stands as a classic synthesizer today. We based it on our classic bass station, then enhanced every area to make it even bigger, angrier and more versatile. The actual developer of the free software is novation. The sh2 wins in the interface department and the oscillators, but at a cost of the mod routing, envs, lfos, the dual filter one of which is multimode, the overall filter sounds, patch memory, and top notch sequencer. Ultimate patches synth presets for behringer deepmind 6. When you think of classic roland instruments, the tb303 or the legendary jupiter8 might be the first that spring to mind. But i think its far less versatile than a bass station. The roland tb303 initially failed as a bass synth, but the.

It is best for me to say first i am a complete beginner on the hardware side of things, and am still a novice with the software, if i need to purchase more hardware i can and will in order to get this working. The new firmware and the librarian manager are requested to install the presets please read the terms and conditions section before you buy. This synthesizer uses digitally synchronized analog oscillators dcos to reproduce the sounds of a monophonic dualosc analog synthesizer with simple and intuitive controls via 17 knobs, 10 switches and 2 moogstyle pitchmod wheels. It has two tuneable oscillators, a suboscillator for enormous bass, plus noise and ring modulation. Hey guys, i upload on this channel bass boosted songs, mixes and more. It comes with 64 killer factory presets, space for 64 of your own sounds on the hardware, and you can store more on your computer. Get a bass station 2 instead and have a real synth that sounds great, instead of a clone of. Truly a unique machine with a very identifiable sound. High quality synth patches synth presets for behringer deepmind 61212d, minilogue xd, arturia microfreak, roland se02, novation bass station ii, uno. I here you, but there are under the hood options with key commands, like slew etc. Sounds created in original bass stations can be uploaded into plug in or viceversa. Out of the box, it comes with a free download of the legendary sh101, with controls mapped to the system1s. Its probably still more unstable than the bs2, but ive had good results emulating vintage analog sounds using the same technique. Before the famous novation bass station rack module came the small and portable bass station keyboard.

Zenhiser brazilian bass 2 midi, wav zenhiser brazilian bass midi, wav origin sound low key hip hop wav. Novation bass station, rebirth, doepfer ms404, mam mb33. Do i enter seperate midi information in cubase on a seperate midi track, or do i have them overlap with the same notes. View and download novation bass station ii user manual online. You sales pitch is also lacking, bsii has two filters and patch storage for starters should have been at the top of your list. An incurable sync addict, i didnt wait long before assigning oscillator 2 s pitch to the mod wheel. The bass station 2 is a compact, stylish analogue synth that has been designed to produce powerful energetic bass sounds, but that is just the tip of this analogue iceberg.

In my mind, there are lots of modern synths with great sequencers like the bass station ii, sub 37, dominion 1, dsi pro 2, etc. Listen for free to their radio shows, dj mix sets and podcasts. I will be going for that slow attack early 90s jungle bass personally. First off, theres really no sense in comparing the sh to the bs2. Talbassline 101 is a monophonic bass synthesizer and a very accurate emulation of the popular sh 101. I would still recommend contacting the device manufacturer regarding presales questions if youre concerned about the devices limitations, they would know for sure. The bass station sometimes feels a little vanilla compared to the monologue.

Novation bass station 2 keyboard the unofficial access. Novation bass station 2 and roland sh101 arp youtube. Selecting patches listed in on my bass station ii will load the patches stored in the hardware. In the latest instalment of hardware focus, we take a look at a cult classic. The vibe is there and it can easily be heard when you program it. The new software synthesizer is a reproduction of the iconic roland sh101. Beside the pirate bay, 37x and rarbg you can easily add your favorite torrent sites. Although the bs2 wasnt made to be a sh 101 clone it has a roland character to it and is a cheap way to get that kind of sounds. Its 24db zero feedback delay low pass filter has a very smooth and authentic sound without any digital artifacts, especially designed and calibrated for extreme settings. I used to own a roland sh 101 and a sequential circuits pro one many years ago and wanted something similar to be able to create fat synth bass lines and leads, as well as general analog monophonic mayhem. Jul 25, 2014 in addition, they announced that the sh101 plugout software synthesizer is now available as a free download for the roland aira system1. Theres your sequence you can also add rests and ties, but no accent or glide. The sh 101 was released by roland in 1982 but lost the mainstream battle with the dx7 and got discontinued in 1986.

When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Originally launched in 1993, bass stations flexible dco oscillators and warm analogue signal path defined countless dance and electronic hits. Its digital oscillators and analogue filter defined countless dance and electronic hits of the 1990s. Then, having activated sync, i wallowed in wheelwaggling delusions of prodigy. Novation bass station 2 and roland sh101 arp, 101 out of view recorded on a iphone bad sound and quality. Roland sh101 plugout software synthesizer now available as. This article will point you in the right direction. The bass station iis display will show three dashes to show that the current patch has been received from the librarian rather than one currently stored on the product. It brings the best elements of the original bass station into a brand new design with reworked modulation, effects, filters and more. I am using cubase as my sequencer and was wondering how the bass station triggers the 101.

Who else is waiting for an sh01a and bass station ii. The bs2 is clearly brighter and the sh101s oscillators are less stable. Oct 28, 2016 hello sirchris, the bass station ii is intended to double as a midi controller, i wouldnt expect there to be such a limitation in place. A track heavily inspired by a songwriter from basildon. I agree that onboard sequencers are great and wish all hardware synths had them. The bass station is an incredible little synth that was an instant success when released. The sh101 plugout software synthesizer is a complete reproduction of the. Spectrasonics omnisphere 2 power synth version 2 build 2. The sh2 is more of a players synth, the a4 is a programmers synth. Bsii is a great synth but its not a 101, it is its own thing dco, filter sounds very different if you want a 101 the bsii isnt an option. The bass station plugin is shipped with the classic originals along with many more totaling 100 sounds for immediate gratification. It has two tuneable oscillators, a suboscillator for.

The bass station 2, though, has not one but four separate sequences to draw from. Novation update, improve, and reenergise their classic bass station recipe with the rather aptly named novation bass station 2. To me it would seem like a weird idea to get a minilogue just to make basslines, as the primary selling point is that its a poly synth. They sound almost nothing alike, and if anything, the bs2 is the more featureladen and powerful unit. Novation bass station 2 sequence roland sh 101 sequence. Bass station classic pulse bass station square pumper bassive attack black heart black spider blipper sh 101 bouncing 106 squares bouncing ms20 burn victim checkerboard chernobil chewing plastic 1 chewing plastic 2 classic 303 reso saw classic updown sh 101 clicky ms20 groove complexus 16ths control voltage sem crazy monkey cs80 sub noise groove.

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