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Bob utley, retired professor of hermeneutics biblical interpretation table of contents. Read deuteronomy commentary using matthew henry commentary on the whole bible complete. Bible commentary on the book of deuteronomy, by dr. The whole book contains the history but of two months compare deuteronomy 1. Unlike some of the commentaries in the nicot, craigies is, in my estimation, one that is primarily beneficial for the beginning student. The law is not just a legal contract requiring obedience. Summary of the book of deuteronomy deuteronomy is a book containing four sermons that moses gave to the people before entering the promised land. The best deuteronomy commentaries are listed below. We have borrowed the name of this book, as in former cases, from the vulgate latin, deuteronomium, as the vulgate has done from the greek version of the septuagint. Craigies study on the book of deuteronomy is part of the new international commentary on the old testament. Deuteronomy is not really a book of law or a book of history. All of the commentary found here can be purchased, consolidated in hardcopy format as individual softcover books, one for each book. Study guide on deuteronomy, on line bible commentary deuteronomy, niv commentary deuteronomy, free deuteronomy commentary.

The book of deuteronomy restates gods love for israel, the history of his provision for them, the benefits or blessings of walking in covenant with god, and the consequences for disobeying the stipulations of the covenant see the summary in 28. As we come to the book of deuteronomy, i should remind you that this is the last book of the pentateuch. The unity of the pentateuch and the fact that moses is the author of it have often been denied. Deuteronomy concludes the pentateuch, the first five books of the bible, with further instruction from moses, the man who led the israelites out of slavery in egypt and received gods law see exodus. Deuteronomy is the last book of the pentateuch greek for fivebook or of the thora hebrew word for law. It includes three sermons delivered to the israelites by moses on the plains of moab. Senior professor of bible exposition at dallas theological seminary, elliott johnson, believes that accurate study of bible verses and passages can only be done after the overall message of a biblical book has been determined. Best commentaries and books on deuteronomy logos bible. A book of transition deuteronomy is a book of transition.

Deuteronomy overview matthew henrys complete commentary. Book of deuteronomy read, study bible verses online. But it is a record of what moses said to the israelites at that time. Best deuteronomy commentaries updated for 2020 best. No idea has shaped jewish history more than monotheism, which this book asserts so passionately.

Excerpted with the permission of the rabbinical assembly from etz hayim. The book tells us in several places that moses was the author 1. You will also find options for commentaries on deuteronomy that help pastors, teachers, and readers with application of the bible, commentaries that approach the scripture versebyverse, classic christian commentaries. Enduring word bible commentary deuteronomy chapter 1. Scope deuteronomy is similar to leviticus, in that both books contain an almost exclusive record of instructions and speeches. Theme verses of deuteronomy i call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that i have set. The book of deuteronomy the new international commentary.

The last section of deuteronomy, comprising chapters 34, contains a brief account of the closing scenes of moses life, including the appointment of joshua, provision for the reading of the law, the. The new international commentary on the old testament. The teachings of moses in deuteronomy are continue reading bible study. First, it marks the transition to a new generation.

The greek word deutero means two or second, and nomion is law. Craigie the book of deuteronomy the new international commentary on the old testament, 1976. Matthew henry 18 october 1662 22 june 1714 was an english commentator on the bible, who published his works in 1706, sixvolume exposition of the old and new testaments 17081710 or complete commentary. The events of the book took place over very few days prior to his death and the entering in to the land of canaan. These books are genesis, exodus, leviticus, numbers, and deuteronomy. Currid phd, oriental institute at the university of chicago exposits this book as part of his series of pentateuchal commentaries published in the ep study commentary. Download a three year torah reading schedule three year torah reading cycle commentary on genesis commentary on exodus commentary on leviticus commentary on numbers commentary on deuteronomy purchase a hardcopy. When everything is taken into consideration, however, craigies commentary in the nicot series is probably still the best place to start.

This occurred shortly before moses and the israelites entered the promised land. For that reason, the ot elsewhere ascribes the bulk of deuteronomy and other pentateuchal legislation to moses see, e. The book of deuteronomy is the fifth and final part of the pentateuchtorah. It was almost time for the people of israel to cross the jordan river and. A synoptic study of the book of deuteronomy christopher.

He spoke to prepare them for their future in canaan. The first five books in the bible were written by moses and they are called the pentateuch. Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the christian old testament. Moses has been traditionally recognized as the author of deuteronomy, since the book itself testifies that moses wrote it 1. In his temptation in the wilderness, it seems obvious that. Study the bible online using commentary on deuteronomy and more. Deuteronomy is also a book of note, because it was a useful book of reminder and preparation for jesus. The parallel also demonstrates that the book of deuteronomy is an official document ratifying the formal covenant relationship between yahweh as king and israel as vassal. Peter craigies the book of deuteronomy was one of the first of the commentaries in the new international commentary of the old testament nicot, having been published in 1976.

In an effort help people better understand the meaning of the book of deuteronomy. Free bible commentary on deuteronomy in simple english. Deuteronomy is not so much a book of history, as genesis, exodus, and. Commentary on the book of deuteronomy by matthew henry. The unity of the pentateuch and the fact that moses is the author of it have often been denied since the 19th century. You can find the best commentary on deuteronomy for you using the. Brief explanations of the technical resources used in this commentary. Deuteronomy establishes the fact of gods love for his people and outlines how they can respond to him. Deuteronomy commentary matthew henry commentary on the. Commentaries for the book of deuteronomy the words moses spake to israel in the plains of moab, the promise of canaan. It is narrative history and law, although there is a song from moses just after he commissions joshua. There is such a wealth of commentaries on deuteronomy that it is difficult to select the best. The book itself ascribes most of its content to moses see 1. The probable reason for the satanic attack upon the book of deuteronomy is that the lord jesus christ quoted exclusively from this book in beating back satans temptation.

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